It's currently Pride Month: a celebration of LGBTQ+ identity. I am so proud of who I am, who I love, and my extended LGBTQ+ family who inspire me every day. But being out, proud, and successful is never easy. Discrimination of all types is much more nuanced and subtle than most realise - daily reminders that some people disagree with a fundamental aspect of who you are. 
I want to celebrate who I am through my music, to explore aspects of my identity that other LGBTQ+ artists can bring to life through performance. I am so thrilled to receive funding from the Sound and Music COVID-19 Composer Award to bring this passion to fruition. All will be revealed soon! 
I am so grateful to everyone at Sound and Music for this huge opportunity to develop new work, collaborate with fabulous artists, and share what I've learnt to a wider audience. Thank you!