5 minutes
Text: verses 2-4 and 10)
Themes: Hope, patience, nature
Musical material: A gentle solo builds into a luscious texture, contrasted by a punchy, rhythmic section
Suitable for: Student choirs 

Origin Voices: Marcus Kong

It’s been a real treat to write Psalm 46 for Origin Voices. I chose this text because it celebrates a sense of belonging and is very hopeful. The work is broadly in three sections. The peaceful opening depicts the long journey of land and rivers flowing together into the sea. 
The calm is interrupted by a triumphant outburst in the lower voices, which heralds a brighter, groovier section depicting the roaring and foaming of the ocean. I’ve really enjoyed re-interpreting these ancient words into a piece that celebrates the link between patience and hope.
"...a moving and enchanting work [...] a composition of clarity that delights in the qualities of the choristers’ abilities to glorious effect."
Commissioned by Origin Voices for their South West England tour.
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