SATB unaccompanied (with divisions)
4 minutes
Text: Fragment of Locus Iste, This Place
Themes: Environment, mindfulness, energy, location, togetherness
Musical material: A gentle, chordal opening section contrasts with a bright and energetic middle section
Suitable for: Youth choirs, student choirs
When the National Youth Training Choir asked me to write them a new piece, I was thrilled to be invited along to observe their Spring 2022 course in Banbury. I was struck by the choir’s sunny vibe and welcoming atmosphere, the ability to transform a cold and empty hall into a place alive with music.

This idea is at the heart of LOCUS ISTE, which is a celebration of the unique ‘place’ that is created when a choir comes together to make music.
The words are very simple, built upon two fragments. The Latin text “Locus iste...” is perhaps best known in an ethereal setting by Bruckner, which is contrasted with its literal translation “This place...” pulling us firmly back to the here and now.

In LOCUS ISTE there are two sonic worlds: calm music floats along blissfully, sharply interrupted by an energetic buzz which spirals out of control. They begin to intertwine as the work progresses, surrounding each other in a close orbit before becoming one.
Premiered by National Youth Training Choir and Greg Beardsell at St. Wilfrid's Church, Harrogate.
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