6 minutes
Themes: Coming out, LGBTQ+, belonging
Musical material: Zippy repetition fizzes and pops into a groovy climax
Suitable for: All choirs, especially youth + uni choirs
Coming out as LGBTQ+ to others isn’t just a single occasion, rather a never-ending series of small — yet significant — conversations. ​​​​​​​
I scrolled way back on my phone to 2017, when I came out to my Dad via WhatsApp. I was too scared to tell him in person, so instead I wrote to him over text: 
    …I have something exciting to tell you.
        I didn’t know how to say it, but thought I should say…

This was a moment of both elation and nervousness. 
Something Exciting is an explosion of these two feelings: ecstatic repetitions give way to quieter echoes, creating that strange, adrenaline-induced feeling of time passing both slowly and quickly at once.
Premiered by NYCGB Fellowship 2022 at VOCES8 Centre.
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